Thursday 2 March 2023

Two Poems by Michael H. Brownstein


Subtitle Within the Mould of Cheese


within the vernacular of mud moon

a cool three light blue with lint of orange

shadows itself in the Crater of Mystery

deep inside the left eye of the face of the moon


How sad it is hiding from a lack of oxygen

a flurry of water globs of unmovable dust


how is it numbers become colour

and colour begins to smell until

vowels speak of great silences

and consonants cross into fabric





I cannot run anger away from my heart

nor can I sing the stone of war into the shadow.

Today is not a day for comfort, but patience--

one tree in the distance, large leafed grass,

rocks the size of houses, Dall sheep on narrow paths

and still the semblance to peace is disquieting,

the rumble of conflict gaining force from without

everywhere a rock skid of splinter and blood,

a scar of flesh, a star held in place by bullets.

Michael H. Brownstein’s latest volume of poetry, A Slipknot Into Somewhere Else was recently published by Cholla Needles Press (2018).


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