Friday 17 March 2023

One Poem by Hamant Singh


Thwarted back into
The Great Breath.
One phralaya to negate it all.
The cessation of Sweta-Baraha.
And end
And the start of endlessness.

Annihilation of the cosmos,
A soon-to-be forgotten melody in time.
And what of the blood?
What blood? What ties?
All is reduced to one,
In Fire.
The amassed
And the braggery,
Riches and opulence –
Material made immaterial before
The Great Dissolve.

The end of Ego and
The Death of I.
As we cross over to
The Great Beyond
After we have been
Yama smiles
And is ready for us –
A thousand nooses for the end.
While his father burns himself out and
Shines no more.
A pathless path of
The Greatest of levellers –
The beginning and the end.

A single consciousness
Filtered into
The bliss of
Bathed in Pitch,
Illuminated by
The Black Flame –
The true essence
Beyond Existence.

How immaculate
The nakedness of all –
Stripped bare!
Barrenness, mere husks
And Shells that will gather
To form the
New All.

It will be time for the
Forgotten ones
To Rise!
Hail Tiamat,
Mother Divine!
Rise Kaliya,
For you are
Cleansed of humiliation!
Your children are gathered for
It is time!

The end to all kalpas. 

Hamant Singh is a Singaporean writer who is influenced by horror, different cultures and the occult. In 2022, he completed his first collection of poems entitled The Sibyl. 'Seventy Demons' and 'Inseparable' have since been published in the July 2021 edition of Illumen, a quarterly digest for science fiction/fantasy poetry. 'Inseparable' was also nominated for the prestigious 2022 Rhysling Award by the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

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