Friday 10 March 2023

Three Poems and a Haiku Sequence by Samo Kreutz

Hide and seek poem



behind the bushes


the abundance

of early spring breeze

and morning snow


but not far away



from everyone


tremendously famished soil all alone


Seeding time (a haiku sequence)


granny and grandson

sown in the garden

their quality time


planting seeds

all the career plans

of a little boy


rose seedlings

multiplied so rapidly

the girl's questions


the stars 

within his reach –

dandelion seeds






the whole world

and skies


as I approach to a blazing stack


even my beliefs

my prejudices and years

start to melt


just to become one more time

a child I used to know




Tempest within


my silent shouts

and your loud ones



of torrents



all around


only to be more aware

that you are now a rainbow baby



Samo Kreutz lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Besides poetry (which he has been writing since he was eight years old), he writes novels, short stories and haiku. He is the author of ten books in Slovene and three in English (they are haiku books, one is titled The Stars for Tonight, the second is A Time Different from Ours, and the third No Bigger Than a Crumb, all published by from India and are still available at His recent work has appeared on international websites (and journals), such as Ariel Chart: International Literary Journal, Better than Starbucks: Poetry and Fiction Journal, Green Ink Poetry, Ink Sweat & Tears: The poetry and prose webzine, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Seashores: Haiku Journal, Stardust Haiku Online Journal, The Bamboo Hut, The Heron's Nest and others.


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