Saturday 4 March 2023

Ten Senryu by Daipayan Nair



the priest's eyes 


the conch 



introduction —

the newsboy 

bangs the gate 




right and left

in a mess 



swaying to the kirtan 

the sandal tilak

on gran's forehead 



home time 

scooping the mixed chaat

with a cardstock 



a new birdsong ...

the kids resume jumping

on the hay 



dusk field

every mustard stalk feels

her dupatta 



full attendance —

the teacher skips




speed post —

the clerk corrects 

my correct name 



31st December —

the concert stage filled

with plastic bottles 




Daipayan Nair -Hailing from Silchar, Assam, Daipayan Nair is a haijin. He writes micropoetry, mostly haiku and tanka poems. His works have been featured on various international platforms and weekly columns like Haiku Dialogue of The Haiku Foundation, Haiku in Action of Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, and FreshOutMag. He has also been published in the Frogpond Journal, the prune juice journal, Failed Haiku Journal, Cold Moon Journal, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Triya Mag, Failed haiku — a journal of English Senryu, and the prestigious monthly of haikuKATHA from Triveni Haikai India.

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