Tuesday 28 March 2023

Three Poems by Richard Puglisi

Poem of the Summer

I pause on the longest day to reflect on the light that shines so bright

A golden glow that bathes the buildings in brilliant sunlight

I think back on enduring memories of a previous time

A young boy rises in the early morning eager to play in the sunshine

Ball games that continue without any end

And nighttime skies twinkle with fireflies glow

The steady waves roll over the white sandy shore

Children with endless energy exuberantly run on the beach for hours

While Adventures made at Funland live on in one's mind

Later when strolling together down the long boardwalk at sunset

A love song on the radio forever linked with her image

The heat of daylight broken by the crisp air coming out of the North

At the same time the trajectory of the sun is altered by the season

And always the child returns a little older and a little wiser


The Beginning

Passage I

It was a rich fertile land

At the source of two rivers

The fruit trees were budding

The flowers beginning to bloom

It was the time for planting

A time for working in the garden

A simple man lived in this paradise

His life was of quiet and solitude

Yet there was a need for assistance

A desire for someone to plant the seeds

And she appeared one morning at dawn

As he awoke from a long restful sleep

He was astonished by her presence

As they spoke and became acquainted

She worked day after day closely by his side

And then he knew she was truly a part of him

The Beginning

Passage III

A drama

A man and women

Art that inmates life

A love

A relationship of sorts

Attraction pulls at them

Different people

Drawn together

Desire at its core

Truth lives

Timeless beauty

Two souls needing companionship

Change needed

Chances taken

Caught in the moment

Richard Puglisi is a writer and poet. His poems have been published by Dissident Voice, Down in the Dirt, Eskimo Pie, Literary Yard, Page & Spine and Vita Brevis Press. His websites are: https://rpuglisi.wordpress.com/ & https://richardpuglisipoet.tumblr.com/ He lives in Yardley. Pa. with his wife and talking cat.

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