Sunday 5 March 2023

Five Poems by Gabor Gyukics


deep sea calm at low tide



creeks inject messages

into the veins of earth

rivers carry

the news

to the seas

and oceans


the gods

swinging their legs

on top of their belfries

waiting for the material to be processed




deep sea calm at high tide


a hole in the sky was

carved by the moon over the ocean

for birds fallen to the water

the maker is searching for his face

on the surface

trees born again on the shore

the gods are laughing in their tongues

not a single bird

will get away


present is god’s sandwich wedged between past and future       


darkness and fog provide security

as opposed to the light of a streetlamp


on the other side of the fence

stands a whitewashed house




in the blade-mirror of god’s dagger

a cul-de-sac makes itself visible

aim and look aside


the night watchman swears

the train never goes to places

where the river has no recollection

where the valley is the watch-pocket of the hill

where the pitapat sound turns to music


the train only goes to

where there are

possible offerings


where god

looks aside


small coffee with two cubes of sugar          


furry parchments of the

unwound ambiance lingers

in your spider-cellophane eyes


the distance subduing

the sounds of mountains

is bombed out skeletons


the bends of rivers

the thorns of the buckeyes

the swirling of anthills

the droning of beehives

the silence of spiders

are dispersing gasoline stripes

of airplanes


and the sound of men

mocking god


this might be the moment


you finally decide

to move ahead

and ...

change your religion

By Gabor Gyukics


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