Friday 31 March 2023

Excerpts from gnōstos, Volume VII (manuscript) of the Grammaton Series by Irene Koronas


Excerpts from gnōstos, Volume VII (manuscript) of the Grammaton Series by Irene Koronas 



transpositional; a neuter

category on an armature


A perversell alignment

with diagonal on temporary


“I am tired of movement”




Brôme wheels tied to crudity,

compost jells the eyes. How

is it possible, the torture

of vacillation’s grind.  Without

measure. “How could they” make

print an annex to geofy the madwho


In comes the ass. 6.


Sharp ears cut fissure


qua qua qua qua


Comedy replaces the false

face for an audience. The synthetic

Evid and Optie atomism


The monad hyposcript sops up

conviction. Sop moderates

a phallic glide








We reproduce the pattern

a body for its head. Sawol

premembers on return


the limb’s need


can unsettle distinction

Clump the long tongue


The differs: spit trickles from

headless sleep. He shoos away

his dull thud and skirts a snore

an unnatural slap ‘n blob


What is it?


An interpretation?


An explanation about 

plebeian taste


Waste of a sensualism

that powers sedum


I am the one thinking




There may be nothing

more sturdy or absurd

than certain insistence


A little “it” that italicizes

itself and subjects it to ex


An impure adjustment

ridden by removal


Hung by profundity




A kabbalistic contraction

A promethean ellipsis


A camouflage circumflex

leak. A shoelast

An open sole

for ferreomembers

A highheel congregation

spins and taps. Toes

eager for umbrage



Irene Koronas is the author of numerous collections of xperimental writing. Her Grammaton Series includes siphonic, Volume VI (BlazeVOX, 2022), lithic cornea, Volume V (BlazeVOX, 2021), holyrit, Volume IV (BlazeVOX, 2019), declivities, Volume III (BlazeVOX, 2018), ninth iota, Volume II (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2018) and Codify, Volume I (Éditions du Cygne, 2017). Her collections include Turtle Grass (Muddy River Books, 2014)  and Pentakomo Cyprus (Červená Press, 2009). Her xperimental writing and sauvage art have been published in Alligatorzine, BlazeVOX, The Boston Globe, Buzdokuz, Cambridge Chronicles, E·ratio, Marsh Hawk Press Review, Offcourse, perspektive, slowforward, Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art and Word For/Word. She is the Publisher of Var(2x). Her website is

Irene Koronas' gnōstos, Volume VII (manuscript) of the Grammaton Series is an unanguagic, hyper-minimalist écriture, melding its aporias with a mix of staccato posthumanism and The Nag Hammadi Scriptures. 

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