Wednesday 20 January 2021

Two Poems by Yuu Ikeda


“Because, Although, But,

I Love You”


I love you,

like a mystic demon

dances on the silky blood


I love you,

like a firefly

sinks to the moonlight river


Because I love you,

I'm locked in the Hell

Because I love you,

I can't help swimming

in burning fire


Although I love you,

the ache of my skin

continues to burn

Although I love you,

the paralysis of my heart

doesn't vanish


But I love you,

like a phantom

plays melodies of Debussy

But I love you,

like the oath to future

is broken



 “It Was My Life”


Venturing to touch

the point of a broken glass


It was my life


Venturing to cut my finger

and confirming that I'm alive


It was my life


Gazing at the red evidence

from my finger

and looking up at

the opposite blue sky


It was my life


Comparing the colour of the sunset

with my blood

and competing for red


It was my life


Going to the end

again and again


It was my life

Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet.

Her published poems are

“Sinful Silhouette” in <Rigorous>,

“Broken Pieces of the Truth” in <Briefly Zine>,

“A Flickering Light” in <Kalonopia>,

and 3 sonnets in <The Minison Project>.

And she writes poetry on her website.


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