Thursday 21 January 2021

Three Poems by Steven Fortune




In the cluttered black Arden

of the universe

she does her fated rounds

serving up auspicious revelations

of the most human brand of wisdom

for its drolly-querulous inhabitants


Suitors hypnotized

by the orbitals of her patrician past

clamour to her redefined surface

smitten by her independent magnetism

quizzical of what they see

in the hermetic flesh of icy masculinity

encoating her pragmatic woman's squalls

of thermal sustenance


Her destiny cannot believe her ears

or their eyes in the self-censored guise

entertaining their sublime confessions

unchained by the loosest tongues

hushing faintly-conscious recollections

of encounters in a mutually

open forum of fanciful suggestions


Her destiny is to reveal all

when their evolution tickles self-discovery

like a comedic plot that stumbled into

tragedy's boudoir

Only then will she prop up their existence

and become the bride to the groom

surest of his life-expectancy's dependence

on the sentiment that turns and tosses

underneath her frost-bitten cloak

of domestic serendipity





Miles and borders



Wanderlust children

locked in the Sun's hula hoop

claim visions of sugarplum prairies


Downplayed mountains

speckle the globe

like tectonic acne

Topography's tease

The monitor was so promising


Dimensions spawn

in the tatters of ambition

like fused particles of

colloquial bridges


Keyboards sprout vocal chords

and philosophies huddle under

shy amusement

humming to the hymn of a discovery

wrapped up in the chords

of enraptured fingertip choirs





Rabid shivers of my discontent's

effortless betrayal melt in the poetic

envelope of your embracing grandeur

like a liniment of aromatic soul

from the fingertips of tender Iris

angel of apricity resigned to frayed

domestication in obstruction's errands


Along the way you found me free of destiny

and whispered into my ornate

solander of contracted soliloquies

disentangled savage scribbles

with the breath exonerated from

your hallowed poesy's kiss

and encased me in a rainbow of

vociferous enlightenment


Sentiments applied to chronicles

of where you've been in flesh and mind

embattle me in fists of rain never failing to

congeal into little mirror balls of dew

that trifle with my green feet and navigate

the ladders of my veins unearthing

visions of a dance supplanted swiftly

into melodies of dedication to the metaphors

I long to humanize in hands relieved of pens

and fanned out in conscientious fingertips

imprinting literal replies on your unbridled being



Steven Fortune is a resident of Sydney, Nova Scotia (Canada) and a graduate of Acadia University (English Literature/History) where he served as Editor-In-Chief of the Arts Faculty journal.  He’s released five poetry collections to date, has edited several works by others for his publisher, and has also appeared on CBC Radio, while his work has been featured and read on several radio programs.  He also aspires to write for the stage and is currently working on his first play.

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