Sunday 31 January 2021

One Poem by Madeline Coelho





mysterious as life

sapphire sky above

red dust below.

The Dreamtime –

no beginning/ no end

worshipped  by the

Anangu  people

not as Ozymandias’

man-built colossal wreck

now lying in mortal decay


off-limits    a sacred site

in tune with nature

the planet

the seasons

Madeline Coelho is a writer and award-winning artist living in the Blue Mountains. She writes mostly poetry and short stories   and has self-published a novella; a memoir ‘Magda’s Testimony.’

She has had poetry published both in Australia and overseas.  In Aspiring Writers 2013 Winners Anthology: short stories and poetry she had three poems published.  This was published in the USA July 2014.  In December 2014 she had the poem ‘Nature’ published in The View from Here: Poetry to Help you Soar- an anthology of contemporary  poetry edited by Nancy Riecken.  In 2017 she had two poems published in Poetic  Voices of the Disabled ; an anthology edited by Debbie Johnson.  This was published in the USA also.

At present she has a manuscript: an anthology of short stories and poetry called ‘Eye of the Storm’.  The cover will feature her abstract acrylic ‘Eye of the Storm’.  The short stories and poetry are those she has written over the past almost thirty years from stays in Marsfield, NSW, Warwick, Queensland and the Blue Mountains, NSW.  This has yet to find a publisher.             


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