Friday 29 January 2021

Four Poems + Haiku's by Christina Martin


The Gift


a swirl 

of hot silver on 

the winter trees

begins the moon song

tales unspoken

whispered under blankets

white gleams

disturbing the snow field

rank but rich

a village with a beast


they huddle 

over sparking grates

wait for the full moon

hush! hush!

to bed! to bed!



the village sealed

in a webbing mist

silence of trees

that attend and wait

no wind




of the snow dragon

beat once, twice

shells of

its eyelids

close and drop


then from its dagger teeth

of mirrors

a spew of a molten

silver tongue

and a bellow

as from its back

scales fall 

a whirlwind 


of agony


just for one year

the visit

one year

when the village

becomes rich

and cursed





A swarm of colours

a mess of charm


a roll of light

in flakes, particles


of long and round

short, explosive


A blend of airs

of scents in clouds





barely known

a trace of dreams


and all awake

the flowers nod


Gold and glass

the shivering gleams


paradise lost

paradise regained


and round a stalk

an emerald leaf


a giant ant

with legs like trees



Sea Haiku Sequence


frost fingers

against a clear sky

a gull's wing


a slice of air

sharp blue waves

a single tugboat wake



the trawler sailing beyond the heads

silhouette of the explorer


a hang of mist -

having to feel my way

to the shore


mist backlit -

the far shore becomes

an enchantment of dreams



Steamed Yellow



a warm smell

of kitchen chatter


with garlic slightly burning

sweet cabbage turn

a finger 

dipped in the sauce



through the steamed windows

a fog of yellow

radio going

latest hits

mingled with kitchen voices

how much salt

have you made the bread



that warm smell



Sky Cow



she just stands there

dropping bits of green

from her large

rubbery lips

pink and wet


rich breath

from her nostrils


a ladder swings down

hooves uncertain

slip on the rungs

but she makes it

she's up there

looking down in disdain

her food is jewelled

what do they know

she'll stay here

thank you very much, ta



breaking her teeth

the ladder is gone

a rough jerk 

off the cloud

a rain cloud a well

but i don't want to go

not good enough lady?

sky cow floating

on a fancy


has to be content

with grass


Christina Martin writes poetry, short stories and novels and her work has been published in The Heron's Nest, Wales Haiku Journal, Failed Haiku, Nature Writing Magazine, Light and Forward Press among others.  Her published poetry collections work include A Secret Entrance - Nature Poems, Fields of Joy and Through the Magic Window. 


These and others are all available on Amazon. 


She lives in Pembrokeshire in West Wales with her husband.


  1. Bravo! Excellent! So many fine and unique lines.

    And I love your author foto.

    1. Dah thank you! I saw your poems this morning. Love them. Will comment on your space.


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