Tuesday 26 January 2021

Four Poems by Jack Henry



my heart breaks with each breath. 

i try to stand with eloquence and pride 

but know that i am defeated, destroyed 

waiting for recovery in a room filled 

with others wearing similar shoes. 


last call 

a pious man in a red shirt 

watches a neon sign click off 

as he hooks his arm around the waist 

of a woman he just bought 

and steps onto streets wet with rain. 



he calls her bitch, 

slaps her down, 

falls asleep 

awakes to the click 

of a loaded .44. 



two dogs fuck on a sidewalk  

in front of a darkened house. 

two eyes peer from behind pulled curtains. 

lightning cracks, thunder cries, 

a tree catches fire from a direct hit.


Jack Henry is a writer based in california and has been accepted at fearless, scab, dreich, dissident voice, beatnik cowboy and others. a new book, driving w/crazy, will be released in the spring of 21 by PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS.

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