Sunday 17 January 2021

Four Poems by Robin McNamara




Across the hinterland /

Across the soul.

Incapacitated with 
Remorse and longing 

For the return /
                    For the return.

I swallowed you whole-

Before the passing /
                    Before the passing. 

Across the hinterland. 





Robin McNamara 


Everything is dead,
Everything is cold.

The bones in my body
Grow old and tired. 

The graveyard has 
Buried my past. 

My present is frozen
In cold, dark hibernation. 


Waiting for the day

When nature will say;


“I’m open again, come into

My garden of life, free from

Strife and free of winter’s death.”



 Sweet Footsteps to Heaven 

As I drifted away,

losing the sound 
of the rhythmic
dance of a yesterday year.
These tears of memories, 

faded in my backroads

Ah yes - sweet footsteps 

to Heaven girl,
don’t you know the 
honey tasted sweeter 
with you.

Ah - cradle me more,
sweet memories.



 Ja Jedrim


Sailors sailed the Seven Seas,
From a land that was wintered.
The touch of frost —
In freezing mist; I’m lost.

(Ja Jedrim)
The sun gone for a season/

All quite / all still / all frozen. 
A Perthian lullaby is calling,
Across the Seven Seas.

(Ja Jedrim)

With a sun-kissed voice
Captivating sailor boy,
Her raven hair blows in the
Winds that blows the sails.


(Ja Jedrim)

Oh take me here / take me there,
On a windswept Ocean.
Away from lands frozen,
To those heart melting eyes.


(Ja Jedrim)

The Sirens are tempting me
Towards the rocks, but the 
Songs of a muse sails me 
Through the seven time zones. 


Tu sam. 


Robin McNamara has over 115 poems published worldwide. Poems have been placed in Saccharine Poetry, Pink Plastic House, Dreich, Full House Literary Magazine, Dream Journal, & Literary Heist. Robin’s debut chapbook, Under a Mind’s Staircase is being published with Hedgehog Poetry Press in 2021.

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