Monday 18 January 2021

Four Poems by Iulia Gherghei


Heaven's gate

At the end of the trail

The peak of the mountain carries the sky

Like a trophy 

At the end of the trail

In the large opening 

I chase clouds with my stare

The mountain submits to my carefree mood

His pine trees hum hymns from all their pins


At the end of the trail

The light is milky and whispered by the clouds

The air is scented but rarefied so

The birds forgot their thrills

The silence is so thick that the trees burst their juices out so

The heaven opens a gate for submissions

Right at the end of this trail


No bells, no jingles


As if you don't care, the winter settles in

lightly, with all its flakes silently climbing the walls

Dark-red skies are whispering snow

somewhere is burning a soul

blankets are spreading their warmth over the December earth

As if you muted all fears, this night is flooding your bones

screeching the joints in surprise

Shocked you discover the signs of an old aged woman

whose whole horizon is the snow, still white, below her eyes


Not footprints yet, winter seems fairy tonight

White reigns in leisure, silence smells like cinnamon

No bells, no jingles, just snow


The Icicle darts


The white storm

The snow fall

The silence wall

Broken by the harsh winds

The winds with thousands of claws

Icicle darts build a new architecture

Frostbite spread up like blossoms in spring

A white desert ravished by blizzard

A map of lost and found


Of white storms

Of snow falls

Of silence walls


The plot thickens...


Mad man across the street,

That I can cope with

But pigeons without breaks

Without a system of smoothly landing on my windows sill


Every morning my sweet dream

Is irreparable broken by their bang on my window

Like projectiles, these bullet pigeons

Stop their flight smashing their well fed chests into my window.....

And then they sing their love songs

I suspect they act like that because they need someone to witness their existence...

Like we all do


Iulia Gherghei, Romanian poet of English expression, graduated from University of Bucharest as information technology expert, has published her first poetry collection in 2012 at

Prisoners of Cinema Paradiso was edited by Brian Wrixon. She mainly publish her poems on Facebook. She was also published in many e-zines or poetry sites like Destiny Poets, where she received the honour to be chosen Poet of the year in 2012. In 2015 she won the poetry contest of the Blackwater Poetry group on Facebook. She was part of many anthologies, one of them being The Significant Anthology , anthology edited by Koshy A V and Reena Prasad. 

In 2020 some of her poems were translated in Turkish by Baki Yiğit in several Turkish literary magazines. 

Also starting this year she has her own author page on site. 

In January 2021 she received the Poem of the year award from the Destiny Poets site for her poem An imaginary friend. 

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