Sunday 31 January 2021

Two Poems by Allan Shawa



In the Raven’s haven

Abound are the cries of the fallen;

The sunken souls calling for heaven,

The heavy laden, with none to bear the burden,

Wailing when struck by the Raven;

In the Raven’s haven

The innumerable treachery is never hidden,

The Raven is forever more craving

To forever claw the craven,.

The uncountable unkindness subdues the brazen,

When enslaved in the enclave of the ocean,

The Raven drowns the weary never less often.

In the sands of eternity, his name is written,

His image is graven to grieve the seeds of the virtuous women,

His splendour, like gold is for all to behold and keep every eye open.

In the Raven’s Haven,

His croak is forever spoken,

To keep his spell unbroken,

And darken the sight of the awoken.




 I adore the rainbow when non obscure

The absence of its glow is what I adjure,

It has radiance, so radiant and pure;

Healing all dullness in the absence of a cure,

I crawl towards its glow and allure

Calling it to wander within me, in my heart to tour,

A stable home for its splendour to endure,

To implant its sparkle and sprout for sure;

Its abundance has a hope to assure,

And strength eternal, for the soul to conjure,

A flame for the faithless, to warm the insecure;

An embrace for the homeless, to shelter the poor,                

Despite the unbridled stares of the stars getting fewer.


Allan Shawa is a Zambian creative writer, with an insatiable appetite to carve a legacy as a writer. Aside from other endeavours, writing is his passion especially Storytelling and writing insightful poetry.

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