Tuesday 26 January 2021

Four Poems by Adele Ogier Jones


Dragon mountain (i)


Dragon mountain

weeping tears

waters which heal

desperate spirits.


Spine opened wide

sainted man’s sword

crevices so deep

that minds feel fear.


Pale ochre and white

pink ripples like ferns

waters magically restore

all who believe.


Dragon mountain (ii)


Dragon mountain promises

hope where wind blows around

evil destroyed where peace

abounds on the mountain

climb, then released

anxiety gone

spirits feel peace

where the holy man

destroyed age-old enmity

then peace.


Fable and myths woven

with stories of saints

bending, lacing new legends

tied to other constraints,

reviving spirits

of pilgrims and skeptics,

shrines assure hope

for desperate, forlorn folk

on the mountain, day’s soft

breezes wind calm.


Dragon mountain (iii)


Here is a holy place called holy ground

To walk along its spine on this mountain

To feel the dragon tremble once again

To hear the wind humming no other sound

Except tears from the eyes in small fountains

Bubbling softly far below to the plain.


Old folk tales tell how the dragon devoured

Sacrifices, people deemed innocent

Satisfied leaving local tribes in peace

Till comes the saint and new stories flower,

By slaying the dragon protection sent

All live on in calm from terror’s release.


Gratitude expressed in this small shrine built

Some climb the dragon’s back or pray below

In a holy place, with far reaching views

Crevice along its spine easing all guilt

Old hope made new as today’s reverence grows

To visit the mountain souls are renewed.


Adèle Ogiér Jones


Growling earth*


the dragon growls

its belly rumbles

hungry again

for sacrifices


the earth shakes

as it pounds one foot

after the other

pausing, breathing fire


it lifts its head

and bellows to the sky

buildings fall in awe

lives taken carelessly


hills quake, plains open

with cracks devouring

creatures weak and strong

heedless of rank or age


ancient ritual

in this timeless land

wars cannot stop

this incessant hunger


lives given as tribute

but no appeasement

the dragon roams

randomly choosing.


*Growling Earth was first published in the collection by Adèle Ogiér Jones

‘Afghanistan – waiting for the bus’ (Ginninderra Press, 2007)


Writing creatively as Ogiér Jones, Adèle calls Freiburg i. Br. and Melbourne home. Professional writing is published under her name Adele M.E. Jones. Four major collections of poetry include the Kosovo poems of Beyond the Blackbird Field (Ginninderra Press, 2016), and three chapbooks, the latest of which Bonhommes (Ginninderra Press, 2020) was written for the artwork of Moroccan artist Aziz Kibari. She appears in numerous anthologies such as Mountain Secrets (Ginninderra Press, 2019), and has been shortlisted and awarded in poetry competitions. She has two published novels, the first Desert Diya (Ginninderra Press, 2010) like much of her poetry, comes out of her international and intercultural work.


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