Friday 15 January 2021

Five Poems by Terry Wheeler


things that splinter


(1) nomenclature 


to find yourself

walking without 


knowing how

you got there


some called it



as if a word 


could explain 

anything put


a label on it


but what if

some of those


insects wanted

to break free


(2) who


the seemingly 

in tol er able


with dint of

per sis tence


becomes trite


a smug face

greeted with


an tici pa tion

of broken glass


is missed when


real iz ation

registers its


vague whatever 

happened to


(3) omelette 


breaking eggs

calls for a


light hand



not suited to


highly strung 

brutes who


think winning’s

an arm wrestle


and remain


ignorant of

egg shell 


things that 






at murakami’s

end of the world


bob dylan’s

singing a hard


rain’s a-gonna


fall the cat’s

long dead all


whisky drunk

vinyl records 


played cassette 


in a rented car

on repeat neath


a drizzling

tokyo bay



shadow play 


shadows fact

and fiction


dance before

the light 


moths attracted 


refracted by

prejudice into


indistinct insects

some that haunt


as others play


making their

way through


this blur

of history 



After graduating from law school in the late 1980s Terry worked in the Australian public service for decades. He was inspired to write after seeing Michael Dransfield poems in The Australian newspaper when a teenager. Terry has been published in Australia and abroad since retiring. He lives in Brisbane when not travelling.


  1. love the poems, Terry. I can 'hear' the delivery as I read the words. I also dig the font used for the comments.

  2. Terrific set of poems Terry, love the iteration, and imagery


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