Monday 31 October 2022

Two Poems by John Harold Olson



The cement truck rocked up behind us

Like a British Man-O-War

The range torn up

Last ditch of sage

A two track for trucks

Struggling water truck, heavy as a star,

Howling as it sprayed.

Tying rebar down in a hole

Everything late

Two cowgirls riding through

Watching Eden disappear

Number 2 sandstone

California framer

Cutting torch

Heavy track machines smoke

Complaining as they work

The sun locked on high

Time on Earth runs out

As the inspector rattles the rebar cage

Makes a face, then nods

The mixer backs, howls and sways in over the ruts To and fro scary slow

The chute, the rolling drum

All the precious

Time rolling into the dark form space


The hydraulics of Spring

The mechanics of blossoms 

Architecture of fruit

Music billowing sails

Kind Centaur and

Sentimental Cyclops

Olive oil, wine and fish scales

Odysseus in no hurry

What were you saying, Circe?

Prow, keel, rudder and stern

An open fan of emerald gin sea

As he leaves, 

welcoming aqua geometry 

mocks the diminishing Goddess

on the beach, where she still grieves.

John Harold Olson - Is a retired Special Education teacher in Las Vegas. Transitioning to being a hospice volunteer.

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