Sunday 2 October 2022

Two Poems by Dr. Elizabeth V.Koshy


Yearning for yet another round of play


My bluegreen waters are one with your airy blue home in the distance:

It’s just an illusion, I know, but I wish it were true: 

My being yearns for you! I’m bound to the land while you are free,

Sweeping across the globe, swirling over the land and the waters!

You do as you please: you are unstoppable!


A gentle breeze touches me and sets my placid waters quivering.

I know it’s your soft touch, inviting me to play with you in the skies.

I’ve been waiting for this moment since the dawn!

You conspire with the sun and I am now vapour

Transported to varying heights by your warm breezes!


Sometimes to the upper reaches where I freeze into icy wispy white cirrus clouds,

Sometimes to median heights as higher stratus clouds of snow

And sometimes to low stratus clouds of rain.

You play with me, sweep around me and chase me 

When I am a cumulus cloud and together we live out our dreams!


Sometimes you shape me into an angel with outspread wings,

You mould me into Apollo’s horses galloping across the skies!

Sometimes you transform me into a ship sailing across the starry blue,

Its sails like plumes of smoke, scattered by your play.

At other times you work me up into a storm!


I feel your strength when you sweep 

My towering dark cumulonimbus 

clouds around, 

Sparking lightning and thunder, the world trembles,

And I come crashing down as rain, back into the blue green waters 

Of my home, ready once again for yet another thrilling round of play!



Charmed by the sun


I watch the golden orange orb of the setting sun

Melting into liquid gold on the water, the shimmering stream

Reaches out to me and I bask in the orange light

As I stand alone on the seashore,

With the sea breeze in my hair.

The warm waters lap at my feet.

I turn back to see loved ones

On high ground, watching me.

The sand slips away with each receding wave.

I find myself waiting for the next engulfing warmth.

I feel an urge to lie down and let the warm waters

Playing around my feet, crash all over me! 


Lying down alone on the seashore,

Under the brilliant starlit sky, 

The full moon above me, resplendent,

I allow the warm waves to crash over me!

The sea engulfs me with its pleasurable waters

Drawing me, body and soul, into itself!

I float and I’m scared,

Knowing not how to swim!

My arms and feet flail to find the shore!

The waves recede and crash over me again,

And again, and I am left gasping for air, 

My feet desperate for the shore!


I feel the strength of the warm waves in my bones!

I hear loved ones calling out my name,

Calling me back from the brink!

Knowing that I could be swept away 

Into the oblivious sea, 

It struck me that my being swept off my feet

Held no significance for the sun or the sea! 

Millions of others charmed by its sheer presence

Had reached a similar fate, overpowered by the warm waves!

The salt stings my eyes, and I sit up in the water!

Having narrowly escaped the oblivious sun, 

I am thankful for the waiting shore!


Dr. Elizabeth V.Koshy, Professor in English Literature at Dr.A.B.Telang Senior College, Pune, India, writes about relationships, nature and women's issues. Her poems have been published by Sweetycat Press, Clarendon House Press, Gertrude’s Writing Room,, The Writers Club (Grey Thoughts), Lothlorien Poetry Journal, The World of Myth, Stacy Savage in Poetry for a Cause and Indian Periodical.Her CNF and memoirs have been published by Sweetycat Press, Academy of the Heart and Mind and


  1. Evocative images, Elizabeth! Enjoyed reading

  2. Congratulations.......Evocative poems.....enjoyed the feelings & emotions....!!!!!!❤❤🤗🤗🤗🤗


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