Monday 17 October 2022

Five Poems by Anna Eusthacia Donovan


Dreaming Spider

Rapid random closed eyed
movements in eight eyed sleep
is also joy
in a touch wax waiting lamp
the smell pearl
curl and uncurl
in jolting heat
and coming shadow.

In the midst
evening yellow stays
sighs and dangles
on a silk line
to the wide circle
bohemian night dream.


Slip into you,
the body's softened garment,
the gentle tender
from soul to lips,
from halves to whole.

A passing moment
of lightning,
then darkness.

Cloud to ground,
the wind rose step voltage
to the soil's defiance

And a memory evaporates
in sudden rain
before it hits the ground.


When We Were Birds

When we were birds,
hollow in bone,
steady in flight,
sinew in the syllable
language in heart
flamed infinity.

with Rosetta rhymes
in stone moon symmetry,
marrow kisses
bloom oneness
delirious and slow biting
sun inside the mouth
of summer nights.

Whistling bids the wind's
vast wooing
through pines:
the first voice
on the fifth day,
the first flight,
the one that darts
in and out of the heart.



Against time
and the bell
tolling 8 o'clock
I move across puddles
from the rain of days.

Thoughts breathing colour
and words under ink
embraced and punctured
in the deep inhale beneath letters.

A paused climb up the stairs
calculated careful negotiation
of knees and leaning
of hope and the bitter taste
of loss and regret.

Past mist rainbows
of persistent sprinklers
out of time in the flooding,
out of step with aging
and the dullness of being.


Skeleton Birds

Skeleton birds,
pale as blades of passive wanting
and the nuanced breath
memory of flight.

Lake hallow bones
reveal edges
and eye conferments
the soft awareness
and not so significant silence
moves the aggregate stones
and the veils of requisite
recoil into nascent sight.

Lean as doors
evolve into perceptions
unworthy of our skins
to deny downy awakening
and it's asphalt greys
darkened as sorrows
where moments bathed
in small deaths.

Follow traffic's inside-out dance
the unfastened response
conjuration from
the inward carriage
winged in deepest wheels
and the sudden rain universe.

Anna Eusthacia Donovan is originally from Nicaragua, Central America. She is a psychologist and educator dedicated to university students' success in visual arts and design. She wants to start where language ends.


  1. “When we were Birds,” my favorite! Anna’s poetry entices emotions with her fluid descriptive imagery. All are worthy of being seen and read by the public.

  2. Ravishing poetry 🌹 🌹 🌹

  3. Now I know you are a psychologist and educator. We share something in common


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