Tuesday 11 October 2022

Five Poems by Jasna Gugic


My disquiet

Born in the moment of self-pity,

Discovered in the search for luck,

When everything is too grey

Resembling the fog


Across the plains of my homeland in the

fall. My disquiet,

Where shall you lower now in the foreign

country Where there is no fog of my homeland.



You who have never

crossed the boundaries of

dream teach me to shout from

mountain tops

at the end of the day,

teach me to open my hands

clenched in fists

and do not be gentle

like those

who give kisses to everyone,

without tenderness. Do not

be false,

latent and arrogant,

be yourself all the way,

be the one

who does not leave his heart

in himself

but gives it to beat

in someone else's chest.

And only then

will I let you

into the caves of my loneliness,

wilderness and silence, too


I will allow you

to cross the boundaries

of all limitations

and enter my heart of infinity.



Silence in me

strikes in lightnings

of the sky too grey

and destroys my accumulated


fear in the years of non-

belonging. Silence in you


does not know my fears

and gets lost in words of

unknown people

whose hands cannot

touch the softness

of our hearts.

Don't let me stay silent

because my love is

louder than your smile.

The loudest one.



I would like to take

the paths of new hope

and erase my footprints behind

me because your escort is

superfluous before the rising sun.

I would like to walk

the land of solitude

for years

and walk on

the silence of the

pathlessness liberated

of all your words and

deeds. I would like to be

born again

bathed in purity

of my soul

and stand

in front of the starry sky

as a newborn.

And pardon

my rude words

and be patient

because my loneliness

is your loneliness, too.

You are my other self.

You do what I'm afraid of.



This life is

soaked with tears

and the words are too small

to pronounce

all life in an instant

and my love

hidden in the corners of solitude.

This life is

soaked with tears

and the pain of the past

is stronger

than the impending ecstasy

in the kiss of the night

and my escape is stronger

than the strength of your will.

This life is

soaked with tears

and the joy gets crushed

by the sorrow of the

desperate and disbelief in a

new longing.

This life is

soaked with tears

but today there is a smile

in my eyes

so don't walk away

from my smile.

Don't let the grief

to put out these embers

at least sometimes

when I forget

that this life is soaked with tears.


Jasna Gugić - was born in Vinkovci, Croatia. She writes, paints and publishes poems in a joint collection of poems and anthology. She published English Croatian Poetry Collection SONG OF SILENCE. The last important award for Croatia awarded by UHE - Hispanic World Writers Union-César Vallejo 2020 World Award for Cultural Excellence She lives and works in Zagreb.

Jasna is the Vice-President of the ASSOCIATION OF ARTISTS AND WRITERS OF THE WORLD SAPS, for public relations.

Jasna is a multiple winner of many international awards for poetry and literature, translated into several world languages.



  1. poetry of Jasna Gugic is poetry with deep messages of her soul and her life. Jasna Gugic isn't an anonymous poet, her poetry is in many poetry books, croatian and international poetry books... she writes her verses deep from her heart and her life... I'm proud that I am a friend of Jasna Gugic.

  2. poetry Jasna Gugic's poetry is deep and reflective poetry written from the depths of her heart.

  3. Meus parabéns pelo seu trabalho e dedicação a arte, você merece toda honra e glória, pois é mérito do que você realiza é acredita, um grande abraço fraternal Arthur Martins Filho poeta lírico e escritor de São Paulo-Brasil

  4. Svakako zasluženo plemenita poeteso Jasna Gugić. Vaše pesme jasno pokazuju dar koji posedujete, dar prema najlepšoj stvari, prema poeziji!


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