Saturday 22 October 2022

Five Poems by Henry Wolstat


Cape Cod September 


I sit on the porch

of a Cape Cod house

as the sun sets

on a warm end of summer day.


The crowds have gone,

the beaches almost empty,

high tides bring roaring surf,

the trees preparing to change

their verdant hues.


One September sixty years ago

I explored the region

with friends and recognized

its picture postcard


New England enthralled me,

little did I know that

I would eventually settle here

after leaving over

and over again until

the love of my life

brought me back .


The Cape has that

same magnetic appeal

this time of year,

you can leave

but you will always return.


The Merry Month of May


The merry month of May

when spring blossoms

and warmth returns

tulips dot the landscape

daffodils, hyacinths

and azaleas flourish

bringing colour to

a grey cold world.



Morning Walk


Morning walk

post knee surgery

passed by

visually impaired

young lady

learning to use

white cane

despite our

handicaps, mine


attempting to

derive pleasure

from our lives


A French Baguette


Warm sunny day

a small cafe

crusty baguette

softened brie

aged red wine

view of the Seine

shared by two lovers

an image that

lingers forever

and warms my heart



Toronto Visit


In Toronto for

first time since Covid,

joyous but also sad

time to be back,

missed my cousin’s

funeral but there

for the shiva:

My brother embraced me -

a few years ago

he wouldn’t talk to me;

Reacquainted with family

not seen for many years,

Contacted a few classmates

and spent a day on

the islands, not been

there for sixty years;

short visit filled with

sweet memories.

Henry Wolstat is a retired psychiatrist in his late 80’s living in the greater Boston area with his wife.  He is the author of a poetry book, “Driftwood”.  He has also been published in both printed anthologies and online.  He is passionate about running, the arts, and poetry.



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