Saturday 1 October 2022

Two Poems by Clive Gresswell


Tears Trace Down

the bottled language


compressed in the phial & now

injected into his capillaries


from the moment he was born

just the ampersands


& the hollow mouth melting

into ego’s i shadows


blood leaking & congealed

from the corners of his mind


a freshlyminted verb

hooks onto the tongue


which flails.

Albion Fracture

i in disassemble


clothe us money

charter watermark


am war-dead ego gore

corpuscle trenches/battle freeze

as acid tongue ripples

clenched in hell death

stretched skin taut union

hoopla politicians

barter small child holdings

i at we

am lithe winter etychings

a lock

some safe haven


the scorn chortling

dementia bone of liberty

a hacking off

statue stone/face me

i at oh force them then

those who do not glimpse

i ghost shadows

in your homing nightmare

invading force

germ/idea made ripped flesh

chaos frost in ire ice music

dances i with brother’s wolf.

Clive Gresswell is a 64-year-old innovative writer and poet from

Luton in  Bedfordshire, UK. He has  an innovative  poetry  based

Master's  and a  BA  (First Class)  in  Creative  Writing  from  the

University of  Bedfordshire. His voice  has  appeared in a host of

magazines and zines and he has five poetry books out.


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