Sunday, 30 October 2022

Three Sonnet Poems by Paweł Markiewicz


Autumnal Sonnet

The mist heralds a dreamy, tender Apollonian dawn.

I philosophize about wings of hawk or king – sparrow.

In amazing grove at the Blue Hours – was born here a fawn.

You should adore as well as praise charm such a moony morn.


The beauty of world is indeed so pulchritudinous.

The autumnal meek leaves, having danced, at fallish stone, lie.

The picturesque mist is shrouded in mood of a sorcery.

I muse about my bosom full of druidic light dream.


The nightingale is under a starlet bewildering.

Flights of birdies are the moon-like thankful melancholy.

The autumnal mood is never ending, sometimes dazzling.

I have fallen in love with wizardly-like fantasy.


The fall belongs to bright Morning star with the enchantment.

I love forever - the Moon in the dearest bewitchment.

Flower-like sonnet


I cherish the dreamy crocus.

I love the moony cornflower.

I make love to bemused cactus.

I affect dreamed daffodil.


You are fond of vague elder.

You love back a misty dahlia.

You dote on languorous heather.

You idolize the faint freesia.


We prize hazy chrysanthemum.

We treasure indistinct daisy.

We value dim cheery blossom.

We admire the lulling lily.


They like the calming amaranth.

They relish soothing edelweiss.


affect = archaic love

The flower-like

second sonnet


I conceive the brilliant lilac.

I build admirable holly.

I design pleasant marigold.

I constitute pleasing lily.


You devise outstanding iris.

You discover awesome poppy.

You establish fine orchid.

You forge an amazing pansy.


She forms surprising peony.

She founds the phenomenal rose.

She makes the superb rosemary.

She initiates cool primrose.


We plan tremendous hibiscus.

We produce the strange narcissus.

Paweł Markiewicz was born 1983 in Siemiatycze in Poland. He is poet who lives in Bielsk Podlaski and writes tender poems, haiku, sonnets and long poems.

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