Monday 17 October 2022

Five Renga Poems written by Christina Chin and Jim Young


Five Renga Poems written by Christina Chin and Jim Young - Christina’s lines in italic


suburbia is on fire

august sunset

ospreys cross

the east asian flyway



backyard feeder

the praying mantis grabs 

a hummingbird

a single feather

lands on the grass



Shiki memorial

on the ground a red 

gourd seed

passing slowly

a dung beetle rolls dung



the bone fox

walking wearily home 

through the graveyard

a lunar moth circles 

the hunter's moon 




on a roof top 

a seagull scratching 

after a trashcan frenzy 

at the parking lot

Jim Young is an old poet living in The Mumbles, Gower, Wales, UK. He does most of his writing in his beach hut on the Gower peninsula. Jim is widely published including five haiku in Mainichi the national newspaper of Japan. Jim has been shortlisted for a pushcart prize (one of 20 from 1,500).


Christina Chin is a painter and haiku poet. 

She is four-time recipient of top 100 in the mDAC Summit Contests. They were exhibited at the Palo Alto Art Center, Califonia. 

She is the sole haiku contributor for the MusArt book of Randall Vemer's paintings published by ArtReach Publication, Portland, Oregon. 

1st prize winner of the 34th Annual Cherry Blossom Sakura Festival 2020 Haiku Contest.  

1st prize winner in the 8th Setouchi Matsuyama 2019 Photohaiku Contest and won two City Soka Saitama's 2020 haiku prizes. She is published in numerous journals, multilingual journals and anthologies including Japan's haiku monthly magazine, Haikukai (俳句界).


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