Saturday 8 October 2022

Haiku & Senryu by Bonnie Scherer




a checkered moment …

my rook

makes the moves on you




the haijin barista slings one my way




dieting on doughnuts now… just the holes 




feeding the multitude Friday night fish fry




love is blind until it isn’t 




picking blueberries

in bear country —

I learn to share




sour grapes

sour apples





my virgin poem untouched until now



Bonnie Scherer - Is joyfully retired in Alaska where she has been living for over forty years now. She has dabbled in the arts for several decades with special interest in mixed media fibre arts. Her interest in writing haiku and related poetry started in early 2022 so she is learning as she goes along. Publication credits for her poems include Haiku Dialogue, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Failed Haiku, Poetry Pea, The Mainichi, Five Fleas Itchy Poetry, haikuKATHA Issue 11, DailyHaiga, Cold Moon Journal, Pages Literary Journal (Haiku Page) and Cherita Journals compiled by ai li.

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