Sunday 23 October 2022

Five Poems by Patricia Furstenberg

White on Blue


To the white sky with blue clouds

and the white sea on blue waves

I shut my white eyes

and scream inwards.



Sapphire Planet


On the sapphire planet embraced by a cerulean sky,

where azure rivers dissolve among hills dipped in ultramarine die,

blue is the language to settle, immerse, expand, and verse,

one with the universal memory, by and by.



Light, Evanescent


Light, evanescent, spontaneous and alive

a shard of glass, a wink of sunlight, a breath of life

the height of summer, the yearn to fight

for open eyes through life’s each strife.



Blue Flower


A leaf lost not down the dazzling stream

such crumbled life that paused by the silken grass green

where a tall, blue flower with glossy, wide leaves

touches the water with its purplish shade, the queen.



If They Call You White Rose


Fear not if they call you the white of the rose

for a rose with sweet fragrance has thorns that show

and roots hidden deep in the earth underfoot

for strength, as it smiles to her only one sun.



Patricia Furstenberg - With a medical degree behind her, writer and poet Patricia Furstenberg authored 18 books to date. The recurrent motives in her writing are unconditional love and war, while Patricia’s keen interest for history, folklore and dogs brought her writing, through a perfect loop, to her native Romania, Patricia being the creator of the hashtag #Im4Ro hashtag, sharing positive stories. 

Her writing appeared online in Romania Insider, Books by Women, Huffington Post UK, Biz Community SA, Secret Attic,  Poetry Potion, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Masticadores Rumania, The Poet Magazine, Spillwords Press, Plum Tree Tavern, Erato Magazine, Visual Verse, Militant Thistles (The Recusant), The Japan Society Haiku Corner, Medusa’s Kitchen, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal and forthcoming:  The Kingfisher Journal, Poetry Pea Journal, Kalahari Review.  to name a few. 

She resides with her family in South Africa.


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  1. Thank you for publishing my poems. It is an honor to be featured on Lothlorien Poetry Journal among such talented voices.


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