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Axial Perspectives - Epic Poem by Robin Ouzman Hislop


Axial Perspectives



is there something out of nothing     nor neither nothingness

but only

                                    the sudden evaporation of something into nothing

a wave unleashed in between

the transformation of otherness beyond reach


            a movement               

into an ever deepening complexity

where time riots in demiurge

 & the forest signals the moon its promise of return


a point of view

to listen to the hum of tectonic plates  


an ice floe adrift that remembers

more than a farewell but a tomorrow

before it was parted in the sea listening to the dolphins cries

cork & tarp in their wounds       

their mercurial poison in our blood

you who were music to the forest of the sea          


where now the polar bear must change its skin


so must we


the frozen candelabra

a carousel of swifts




two birds fly from their eyes


like kites at fight in the skies


a solitary winner will fall

after the fall                what

is the purpose of flight


what fear when you enter the light


the sea asked the sky

& earth

replied             O flight am i

your birth or death





flight had taken refuge in the forest




where there was no city therein


only ruins of tombstones' unknown

origins as if encrypted in a nothingness                      as if the breath

of the forest                like a migrant

bird were the arc of the arctic

where the reindeer now roam


to slowly pass away


as when



the flame burnt through




did the creature of the fell turn from

back to the flame but you O Sapiens


your fate rises and falls on questions

you cannot answer        your origins




still you are entombed in our memory

for we know we will come again

from before




the person of the forest         is a discourse of persons


all signals  a mockery but  for us

you grew into aliens

already jealous of flight

already in fear of our advance

as if you would outrun it

your big toe claw clawing at the rock

where now you have forgotten our embrace




  how deep is your embedded memory

in your entangled embodiment

of the moment



you came with the machine

but to what extent does that enhance

our presence


the forest is an orchestration

it is also an instrumentation

but a tree is not a tool

it is a person




 between the overworld

& underworld


there is equivocation


it is you O blood




once when

the gods were only immanence

persona painted their existence

until they faded

even as shadows fade

into their own darkness

where we begin

where shadows are cast




perspective is a multi natural process

in the mind of the planet everything has an affinity


it will outlast our fear our fear as monstrous as God


all is fear


to walk through the avenue of fire

come unto me

for ye shall inherit the earth

as i stand on the highway to see

the roar of the traffic pass


as if a storm we had ridden




when the what            the who we were       had already been taken

at the entrance to the shore


mother australopithecus

lucy in the sky with diamonds

trapped now on the avenue

a spectacle to the jingle of chains


O feet why do i want you

i'd rather have wings on my heels




Beluga            white dolphin without wing


homing            drawing succour beneath the ice floe


where the river meets the sea

downstream from the forest

song of the ocean a sonic alphabet

a web of sound we have yet to know


moving northward with nowhere to go

            until the gulf of mexico

            here today       gone tomorrow


your palace of ice




i listen now for your call lost to us


still i am here upon the shore


or perhaps you outlive us all

deep upon the sea bed's eddies

don't you already know? we listen

but do not understand at all



in those warm seas where you might roam

who is the predator & who is the prey?


beyond our simulation

our simulacra





return the pastureland to nature


we ask too much of the cow

given the little we give back


let the predator   the herbivore   the pollinator


let the buffalo roam


O detritus spreader  - but no

let the cow provide




the anthropocene is not only importuning


 it is invading

there could be in the world

a discourse worldwide

but who speaks first

why does a plant become a tree


 our hunger is as

the hunger of the polar bear’s

eating us


more than a threat to an endangered species

we were that

that made you what you are

 on a shoal of whales





Space hangs on

the corners of existence

like curtains gathering

the ghosts of memories





existence forges its own signature

like a fake painting




i stand in homage beneath its heraldry



as a stranger or as a ghost



you who have been so long before me

so many banners so many costumes





so many hosts to exit from this frame




like a poacher caught in its own snare

our liberties taken our liberties given




my children’s children

if you return to the forest

i’ll be outborne from it



their oppressed whom from before they’d cannibalised

in plunder

became their slave predicated non - human

in the Polis


as deaf as death the bugle blows





the difference between         


in the abyss of echoes


predator & prey

oppressor & oppressed

those who built the gods

made them also fall


to a harvest of dead zones

our epiphanies outraged





no destination Mars


return to the Jaguar Moon


what is perpetuation

one is many is everyone

is everything is a person

a matter of perspective




she alone will adorn the many         Jaguar Moon




evolution is but diversity



it will always come again

but sapiens are but rapiens

now their remains



if the world should come again        then come O Jaguar Moon


 the sleek Brazilian jaguar does not in hef aboreal gloom

distill so rank a feline smell as grishkin in a drawing room



who is grishkin          O Jaguar Moon

when she’s feline       & we her prey

unless we outlive the day

her kiss that sips our blood like nectar




forest feline fir purring

dusks dawns this wastrel man

his vagrant days that like tattered

rags clothe his face

as autumn leaves fall





we walk together now to listen talk

where both our persons are now


 before the tempest of ice



& fire consumes us once more


but soft ye now I will feed you with my blood





let me breathe your music as my words

already bawdy in the day

with the pantomime we play

on this our funeral day – hooray



i care not for the molecules of kings

nor the stratagem of regimes

where we walk diminished in our pain





& yet I say we will regain & you


will come again          jaguar moon

forest feline purring your dawn dusk’s born

hawthorn & the rowan            the red berries growing





a van flashes by our simulacra

i have nothing to offer you

but my blood in  your  music





beyond our most unreasonable crime


(before the human territorial voice in)

invades & after

the sun shines it’s sudden shine

our end begins

as I stumble through the straw

but this is beech place not pine

though i guess it’s the same decline


in the end                                   & the skyline rang out release me



Robin Ouzman Hislop is a retired TEFL teacher and translator who lives in Avila Spain and Yorkshire UK. He is Editor of Poetry Life and Times at . He is author of several poetry book collections and has translated from Spanish the poetry works of Guadalupe Grande and Carmen Crespo. You may visit Robin Ouzman Hislop about author &, which features mostly his video poems and translated authors. See Robin performing his work Performance (University of Leeds)

Robin Ouzman Hislop's poetics cultivate a relationship between ecological & mindbody processes and experimental work. He's co-authored translations of contemporary Spanish poets into English and written and performed numerous audio visual video poems.





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