Saturday 8 October 2022

Five Poems by Miss Petrouchka Alexieva


My Heart - published in “The Poetry Lottery 5” on-line


My heart is a pearl

In the mighty ocean

Hidden inside of a generous shell,

Resisting the waves of daily emotions,

Crawling rumours and surprising unwell.


My heart is pulsing down the shore;

On the line between

Yesterday and tomorrow;

The stream already washed all the sorrows

Bursting away transparent illusions.


My heart is a dancing shimmering rainbow

Playing free with the clouds above;

Chasing twisters, surviving blizzards;

And keeping its rhythm in love.


     I Want You - unpublished

I want you to love me slowly

With a speed of a moving dune;

Every grain to sing inside of me.

Make me melt as a silky moon.


I want you to touch my face

Every morning like a breeze on the pier

And whisper like evening rain

Than…quietly to disappear.


I want you, I really want you

Gentle, simple and for a long time

For this life, for the next

And for the eternity to be mine.



     I Was Never This Far - unpublished

I tossed a coin in the fountain of youth
hoping one day I'll be back.

Still waiting to check the real truth
I am sitting on my sunny deck.

The sun goes down waving good night;
the birds are getting tired of chirping high.

I'm feeling its splash in my happy heart;
In fact, I was never this far

from the fountain of youth
that I always desired.



       Don’t Tell Me - unpublished

Don’t tell me I am beautiful;
Don’t tell me I am strong;
Just tell me you will comfort me
In my uncomfort zone

When I am weak and tired
And energy is gone;
When make-up’s not required;
Or neither silicon;

When high heels are not needed
And polished manicure,
And sleepers are the only ones
That soothe me on the tours

Between the kitchen cabinets,
The fridge, the stove, the mail…
Just tell me you will comfort me
In those unpleasant days.


…Then we can walk together

Connected hand-in hand.



     If I Ask You - unpublished


If I ask you to dance,

Would you dance with me

Bare footed, just in the moment?

Can you trust me even dough

You do not know the stapes?


Will you follow me blindly

In a dark hand in hand?


If I ask you to sing,

Would you sing with me

Not knowing the rhythm,

Not knowing the words?


Will you sing in a dark

When the stars disappear

Way above in the clouds?


Can you follow me

To unknown universe?


If I ask you to cry,

Would you cry with me,

Would you laugh, would you smile?

Because this is all I can give you – my LOVE!

Miss Petrouchka Alexieva

“You must face life obstacles with strength and dedication, but healthy dosage of humor is the best weapon to survive” (P. Alexieva)

Miss Alexieva is known as a well-developed LOVE poetry and a feminist writer, a guest-lecturer, academic mentor, key note speaker, TV talent and a highly recognized scholar. She was first published at age of 16 in the national poetry magazine “Rodna Rech”, Bulgaria. She is a Cum Laude graduate at CSULA (2009) and “All American Scholar Award" recipient (2008). She is a life-time member of four distinguished scholar societies. Ms. Alexieva’s poems appeared every Wednesday on ”Daheli Live!”  TV show. Ms. Alexieva speaks 8+ languages. Her literary, scholarly and photo-documentaries were highlighted in anthologies, newspapers, opening ceremonies and numerous open mics in USA, Australia, Hungary, Romania, Transylvania, Bulgaria. Her lectures and poetry writings include, but not limited to ethnic cultures, ethnomusicology, and Japanese Tanka, as well. They relate to women in traditional perspective, gender identity and contemporary feminism. She worked tirelessly with gifted and talented children in ICAF, NASA, Visa Olympics, etc.

For her outstanding life-long honorary achievements, Ms. Alexieva’s name was included two times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (2003) capsule and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list, for which she has awarded with honourable certificates, as well.




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