Sunday 30 October 2022

Poetry Collaboration by Christina Chin (Malaysia) & Uchechukwu Onyedikam (Nigeria).

Poetry Collaboration by Christina Chin (Malaysia) & Uchechukwu Onyedikam (Nigeria).

stares at the carcasses

on the power lines

a lightning bolt

sizzles and fizzles 

the ravens





he's in a coma

she urges

the dead husband 

to wake up






a cold heart

on the grass

a graveyard of silence




the night

of hungry ghosts

spirits of the dead

haunt the streets

black rain & lightning





tarry night

tapping the window

a red ghoul

asks to play

with him




full moon

of seventh lunar month 

blood feast

the decorated table

with imaginary diners





and spells 

in the calabash

macbeth's coven

neath the dark moon 


Christina Chin is a painter and haiku poet. 

She is four-time recipient of top 100 in the mDAC Summit Contests. They were exhibited at the Palo Alto Art Center, Califonia. 

She is the sole haiku contributor for the MusArt book of Randall Vemer's paintings published by ArtReach Publication, Portland, Oregon. 

1st prize winner of the 34th Annual Cherry Blossom Sakura Festival 2020 Haiku Contest.  

1st prize winner in the 8th Setouchi Matsuyama 2019 Photohaiku Contest and won two City Soka Saitama's 2020 haiku prizes. She is published in numerous journals, multilingual journals and anthologies including Japan's haiku monthly magazine, Haikukai (俳句界).


Uchechukwu Onyedikam is of the Igbo origin. He's a Nigerian Poet who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He was introduced to Poetry while he was chasing a career in Engineering at NBC Technical Training College by a friend (and classmate) Jaji Abdulwahab whose friendship inspired the creative art in him.

Under the pseudonym Mystic Poet, he drives is art by allowing the genuine influence of poetry reflect the times without fearing to be judged by being "correct" when addressing issues with his art. 

And currently he has a manuscript, a collection of poetry containing the dark & beauty of life that he looks forward to putting out anytime soon.

Mystic Poet is open to collaborate with other creative artists around the world who has passion in story-telling through the genuine art of poetry.

Twitter is his cybercrip where you can always meet him feeling at home, honing his craft.

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