Wednesday 31 March 2021

Two Poems by Mary Grace van der Kroef


Enthroned On Stone

On a hill

not far away

there stands a stone

all shades of grey.

On that stone

one fateful day

she sat to rest

from work and play.

There she sits

still to this day.

Covered in moss

a sad display.

She sat to long

emotions affray,

let them

all dance away.

As they danced

across the way,

she never knew

the price she'd pay.

As they passed

to all's dismay,

she changed to match

the stones dark grey.

Cold as ice,

despite the day.

Still as stone

that won’t decay.

Only erode

as time will play.

Around her thrown

the grasses sway.

River Witch

She watched a sister turn to stone.

Realized she was alone.

Her grief welled into a groan

that shook earth, rattled bone.

This sister’s choice turned the tide,

feeding anger deep inside,

until it could no longer hide.

Bubbled up, pain glorified.

Spilling torrents from her eyes,

changing unassuming guise.

Now her river spits and cries.

Fights the banks as if they’re lies.

She melted by that river side,

with its deepest depths allied.

Lays in wait beneath the tide,

seethes with pain and deadly pride.


A single soul dares there to dwell,

all others fled her waters swell.

He alone, to anger quell,

love has tied him to her spell.


She wars with love and hate alike.

He an unwavering dike,

holding her destructive strike

at bay, both passions childlike.


So long as Sister sits death’s throne

the valley to this danger prone.

River Witch will malice hone,

dooming both to exist alone.

Mary Grace van der Kroef, is a poet, writer, and artist from the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.

“Enthroned on Stone,” an early version of it appeared on her personal poetry blog/website last year. It has since been removed, edited, and changed.

“River Witch,” Has never been seen online or in print form.

Her personal website can be found at

Twitter: @MGWriting

Facebook: @marygracewriting

Instagram: @marygracewriting

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