Wednesday 10 March 2021

Three Poems by Jon Bennett


The Forest Year


Our forest is more a median strip 

between parking lots 

but to city people 

it’s a forest 

“Are there wolves here?” 

asks my urbanite friend 

she’s in pumps, with bleached hair 

and a gammy knee  

from 30 years in retail 

“Yes, and they will aim 

for your head,” I tell here 

She’s here because 

her store is closed, 

like everything else, 

which is also why I’ve returned  

to my little forest 

every day for a year 

I’ve come to love the picnic tables, 

the brass water spigot, tan bark, 

even the dusty eucalyptus 

and when I first heard the owls 

saying Who? Who? 

I asked them 

Me? Me? 

Have you been here for me  

all along?

Out of Airplanes 


“You all have character!” he said, 

“I have no character!” 

which was odd for he was so brave 

spending all his time 

jumping off cliffs, out of airplanes, 

off bridges and cranes 

Base jumpers often die by 40 

but here he was turning 50 

and still chasing women and cocaine 

and breaking into buildings  

simply so he could jump off them 

“You must have a death wish!” I said 

“Not when I’m flying,” he said, 

“flying is the only time 

I feel like  

I’m not dying” 

and I thought 

for a man with no character 

he sure does make  

a lot of sense.


Free Gift – a covid poem


I won a free gift 

a small stepladder 

fire engine red, it came wrapped 

in cellophane and had 

directions and a warning that said 

“Don’t fall.” 

A lightbulb went out 

so I got out my  

brand new stepladder 

but when I unfolded it  

I discovered the top step 

was only 8 inches high 

Designed for hamsters? Geese? 

I tried to imagine 

who would use such a thing 

Oh, I thought, it is for the very old 

who can’t climb chairs 

and always need 

something to hang onto 

It has virtually no utility 

but I’m going to keep it 

just in case 

I ever get there. 

Jon Bennett writes and plays music in what was once San Francisco. You kind find more of his work on most streaming websites and by connecting with him at

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