Wednesday 31 March 2021

One Poem by Dana Trick


Dance With Death

I stare at HER in front of me.

The dark band soon starts

To play a melody.

Ah, tell me,

Why are you trembling?

Why do your eyes tell me you're scared?

There's nothing to worry about.


I can't remember

When we clasped our hands together

And started to dance this fatal song. 

Even though I'm scared,

I don't care at all.

Ah, you've finally calmed down at last.

Tell me, do you enjoy this?

Since after all,

That gown, those jewels, those flowers,

This ballroom, this melody, this dance

Have been eagerly waiting for you.


This song has been waiting for you.

I don't care what or who SHE is.

Please let this lovely dance never end,

Ah, please stop, little worrying thoughts.

I want to enjoy this moment.

You cannot think about them anymore so

Please let this music take you to sleep.


I can't shake off this paradox feeling of

Wanting to live and wanting to die,

As I melt too far into the music,

Cradled by HER gentle skeleton hands.

When she isn’t reading books or being a historian, Dana Trick spends her days writing emotional poems and weird stories, and drawing comic strips that she thinks are hilarious. She enjoys learning about the history and the various mythologies of Latin America and Asia, but her interest is mainly on the history of autism, which she has. You can find her strips at deviantART under the username Silencedbook9 and her blogs on her experiences with autism and ADHD on Art of Autism. She hopes that the reader is having a nice day and if not, she wishes them that.


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