Sunday 7 March 2021

One Poem by Margaret Kiernan



These cool sheets under rain- water sounds

longs for the arrival of a lover, while the

blue haze darkness of the river

listens for trumpet sounds


Hearts and stars align

while the radio plays that song

“Love to the sound of the ocean”

I hear the surf as I edge out


Red Lamborghini with round lamps

glint like a Klimt still-life

ripples of light promise wildness , with

yellowed prairie skies


A fig-leaf of language

In luminous longing


Cream leather seats, warm in the desert

sun, heats goose-bumped skin

edges fingers in loops

melted out thirst.


Slaked lovers stretch the trip

to the final minutes, as

clanging hearts topple,

reduce the breaths


Switch back to find the streetlights

edge to the kerb

the roof sounds now silent

as the dream ends.

Margaret Kiernan writes fiction, non-fiction essay, memoir, and poetry. She has had poetry and prose published. In e-book, in anthology collections, and literary journals and magazines. Including, Black-lion Press, journal-C19 collection , archived at University College Dublin.

The Blue Nib Lit-Journal , The Write Life Magazine, Unity Global Festival, Vox Galvia at the Galway Advertiser, A New Ulster Literary Press, The Burrow Lit. Journal, and Lothlorien Poetry Journal.

She writes with Over the Edge, Thursday writing/reading group at Galway Arts Centre, and, Ox Mountain Poets, Sligo.

She is listed in the Index of Contemporary Women Poets in Ireland, 2020.


She holds several Educational qualifications, Including a Degree in Arts in Humanities, from Sligo IT.

Her background is in Advocacy in Human and Social Rights.

Margaret has completed numerous courses and workshops in writing, for prose and poetry.

Tutors in poetry includes, Annemarie Ni Churainn, Martin Dyer, Colm Keegan, Monica Corish, Moyra Donaldson, Noel Monahan, Kevin Higgins.

Tutors in prose includes, Claire Allan, Anne McMaster, Conor Kostick, Carlo Gebler, Malacai O’Doherty, Jan Carson, Ciara Doorley. END.


Margaret has four grown-up children. She lives in Westmeath with her dog Molly. She is a landscape painter. Is into Nature, walking, gardening, music, and heritage. She is working towards a First collection in Poetry.


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  1. Delighted to see this one in print. Lothlorien takes chances, giving always to the writer. Thanks indeed to editor, Marcus Jones. Bravely borne.

  2. Thank you Maggie. Most appreciated.


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