Saturday 27 March 2021

Two Poems by Iolanda Leotta


The Fates


If you’re wondering what’s your fortune,

look me up!

don’t tremble in pronouncing my name,

don’t be afraid to know me,

I can lead you where no one

has ever taken you: to Hell or Paradise.

Look me up!

I’m "Shai", your life companion,

wherever you go I’ll be there,

mysterious, evanescent,

but always present:

the goddess of Destiny.

Look me up! Anytime and I’ll answer you

with an ethereal sigh,

listen to the Sistrum of "Hathor",

his voice keeps singing and

invites you to seek the universal harmony.

When you were born, I foretold your fate,

you can persist in trying to change me

but don’t challenge me! nothing is worth

your effort if my consent is lacking,

the last queen of Egypt "Cleopatra"

paid the price, "Anubis" took her away.

It’s all written, good or bad, don’t avoid me.

Accept me: I’m the "Fate", yours!



What’s the justice!

I’ve lost the cognition,

we live in a frivolous world,

with no ideals,

full of great contradictions.

What we must device

to get rid of  hypocrites,

cheaters, false policy.

Where the sermons

of the great useless men end up?

in the heart of the honest men,

of the humble, these have to pay

and wait in vain.

What future could predict

those old quacks?

What we must device, to say no!

to idle promises, to false parables,

We say that enough is enough!

We no longer listen to sterile words

of some clown, self-styled political.

We’re surrounded by a sea of lies,

fake news, half-truth, we’re confused.

We no longer know

who’s right and who’s wrong.

If we’re looking for justice

and we can’t find it, for god’s sake!

don’t give up fighting,

sooner or later it will come.


Iolanda Leotta, poetess and storyteller, was born in Rocca di Neto (Kr) Italy. She holds a degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation. Cultural Mediator. Recently, her poetry book “L’esploratrice dei sentimenti e dei valori umani” has been published in Italy, by Giuseppe Aletti editor and literary critic, it was presented at “The Federiciano International Poetry Festival”. Testimonial of the public event was Alessandro Quasimodo, son of the poet Salvatore Quasimodo, Nobel Prize for literature. She holds many diplomas. Her poems may be found in National and International literary anthologies. Winner of "Premio Europa Cultura 1988" for the singularity and peculiarity of her poems. Official godmother of the event Nicoletta Orsomando, announcer of RAI TV. She take part in the Cultural Initiative with 4 poems selected by the publishing house Aletti:“Alessandro Quasimodo reads Iolanda Leotta” and "A. Quasimodo reads Contemporary Italian Poets" with the video poem "Solitude" included. –The Video-poems published on the Youtube channel are titled: “La Fortuna”; “Fantasmi”; “L’Inganno”; “La Libertà”. She attends the masterclasses with: Francesco Gazzè, author and songwriter; Giuseppe Anastasi, singer and songwriter; A. Quasimodo, actor, author, theatrical director; Davide Rondoni, playwright. She takes part in the laboratory on poetic writing with: Mogol, lyricist, writer and record producer.

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  1. Beautiful creation!! Genius!!!

  2. This is a true lady of the arts and poetry, and a warrior in spreading poetry around the world.


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