Friday 5 March 2021

Three Fabulous Poems by Kevin M. Hibshman




I'm in a forgotten room dredging up demons.

My hot fingers are aching to melt glass.

Festering city of lost souls no dim stars can

hope to illuminate from way up there.

Busloads of silent despair.

The walking corpses, I have seen them haunting 

the side streets and narrow alleyways.

Sharing shadows with the unsung.

Aloof and threadbare.

Cold in the clenched fist of an unforgiving Winter.

Wondering what to do until they turn blue.





She should be a star but she tends a bar on

King Street.

A  crumbling fortress buttressed only by fading dreams.

It sits nestled, like a beacon for the lost in a rapidly decaying

part of the city.


She mixes me a mean Pina Colada with extra emphasis 

on the rum.

She plays the old songs all night long as we glare absent-mindedly

at the casualties who stagger in.

We all have one thing in common:

Better days or did we just imagine them?



Blood Moon 


Beggar's moon.

I am baying like a lost sheep in search of the fluff,

the stuff of dreams.

This music is not familiar, unusual depth, strange frequency.


I am a rabbit among wolves.

They have been sniffing for me.

I have gathered my remaining wits and a few meagre belongings.


The moon is so close tonight.

The moon must be my guide.

The sky has gone crimson like fire on the horizon.


I have acquired night vision.

I am a bandit, tramp, poet, thief.

I score and leave you sweltering on the impostered, dirty streets.


I am the smuggler.

I have a message.

I am an ice cube melting in the bottom of your glass.


Copyright Kevin M. Hibshman

Kevin M. Hibshman has had poems, prose and collages published in numerous magazines and on-line journals. These include; Rye Whiskey Review, 1870, Heroin Love Songs, The Crossroads, Dope Fiend Daily, Medusa's Kitchen, Punk Noir Magazine, Drinkers Only, Unlikely Stories, Yellow Mama, Literary Yard and many others.

In addition to editing his poetry magazine, Fearless, he has also published many chapbooks of poetry, most recently Incessant Shining, Alternating Current Press, 2011.He holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Union Institute/Vermont College.



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