Thursday 4 March 2021

Two Poems by Gerard Sheehy

Ring Fort


The faintest whisper

from a shy sign betrayed its location

so we stopped

and down a path bordered on both sides

by a wire fence we made our way until

away from the sound of cars

and draped in the deciduous shadows

of some arthritic trees

there it was

keeping company with the passing Shannon

its green banks still facing the world

and what it offers

but respectfully declining.

Gone are the Norman and the Gael

and in their place pass badger, fox and crow

unburdened by any thoughts of possession.

And we stayed no longer than we should

so when it was time

we retreated back the way we came

back to the sound of cars

but lit by the smile of an October morning.

The Castaways


She takes me by the hand

along the sand of a deserted beach


just out of reach of a world

we lately struggle to comprehend.


As we walk our bare feet prints our talk

in parallel sentences behind us


so our story can be deciphered

then absorbed by the sea.


Ours is not a journey of discovery-

instead we hope to lose ourselves for a while


to be mercifully marooned

from the demands and duties of life.


Our companions are the sun and a lazy breeze

and along with these comes conversation.


Predictably, we will return later in the day

but only after some troubles have been cast away.


Gerard Sheehy is from Limerick City, Ireland and has had poetry published in the north and south of the country and online. He was included in the inaugural TRIO book highlighting emerging writers published by Revival Press,  the imprint of The Limerick Writers Centre and has recently had Haiku chosen to be a part of the Sanctuary exhibition by artist Nickie Hayden.


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