Monday 29 March 2021

One New Poem by Susan Tepper



a dream’s soft padding


shadows swim the walls

at close of day.

Did you arrive

just wearing socks?

Quick plunge

to clear your head.

I do recall complaints

about cold feet.

Smashed strawberry-

red on vanilla

fluffed the channels of

my bed comforter.


By then

you had us both.

Torturing you.

Squeezing you side by side.

Susan Tepper is a twenty year writer and the author of nine published books of fiction and poetry.  Her most recent are a poetry chap CONFESS (Cervena Barva Press, 2020) and a funky road novel WHAT DRIVES MEN (Wilderness House Press, 2019). Currently, she’s in pre-production of an Off-Broadway Play she wrote and titled ‘The Crooked Heart’ based on artist Jackson Pollock in his later years.

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