Friday 12 March 2021

Three Poems by Terry Wheeler






takes a life

to learn


the protocols

how to bluff


when to fold


cards grow

greasy in


our hands

hear leonard


saying now


he’s leaving 

the game


that knack’s

a rare gift




couldn’t work

out when to


leave so usually 

stayed until 


stumps but


sometimes an

urge to flit 


meant an exit

without farewell 


next day a brief 


inquest ensued

what happened


to you last night

left unanswered 




perfectly timed

empty spaces


reaching out

to absolve your


point of view


sense being

cooked down


to its essence 



and vowels 


absorbed in

a silence


letting you 

breathe again

After graduating from law school in the late 1980s Terry worked in the Australian public service for decades. He was inspired to write after seeing Michael Dransfield poems in The Australian newspaper when a teenager. Terry has been published in Australia and abroad since retiring. He lives in Brisbane when not travelling.


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