Sunday 14 March 2021

One Poem by Stephen Paul Wren


The cheating can run off this season


Peahen, your inventive design upsets


The sensors in your crest

are acoustic eyes, meshed

like the southern Parkes Observatory. 


Your revelation crest

pulls in quakes of sound, fleshed.

So, you feel the vibrations of your mate.

The rattling

frequency of your head

matches the male’s tail.          Fret

and be sympathetic to your peacock.

He’s singing.

His counter-siren head

parades a phoney breadth.


Peacock, be kind (if you can). Your desire

is blubber.

The fondness of peafowl

gasps on a bright stage; gown

of gold and blue. Oh, the embroidery!


half of your pair          peafowl

and your fanning tail. Mouth

of your affection. Please, don’t let her down

by playing

Stop yourself this season.

Make your stones windbeaten

as you suppress and confess all your sins.

The cheating

can run off this season.

Try new party pieces.

Dr Stephen Paul Wren was educated at Cambridge and worked as a chemist in industry for many years. He transitioned back into academia at Oxford University (St Hilda’s College) before joining Kingston University in September 2018 where he works as a Senior lecturer.

Stephen’s poetry can be read at and you can find him on Twitter @Stephen34343631.

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