Sunday 28 March 2021

One Collaboration Poem by Elizabeth Bates and Robin McNamara


Lockdown Boulevard 


Clocks going backwards / forwards
and all the days are complicated. 
Mondays are Sundays— 

the bins constantly out 

the wrong night.


I stare out the same window 

already glanced through six—

or was it seven— times

this hour at that spot,

where the rose budded/


and perished in what passed 

as measured minutes—

and a year simultaneously. 


Midnight strangers passing by

in Lockdown Boulevard.



Elizabeth Bates is a writer and teacher from Washington state where she lives with her husband, son, and two Siberian Huskies. Bates is the EIC of Dwelling Literary. Her writing has most recently been published in, The Daily Drunk, Yours Poetically and The Minison Project and is forthcoming in the BYLINE LEGACIES anthology (Cardigan Press, 2021). She tweets at @ElizabethKBates.


Robin McNamara has over 145 poems published worldwide in America, Canada, Ireland and in the UK with Versification, Pink Plastic House, Daily Drunk, Full House Literary Magazine, Dream Journal, Literary Heist & Ephemeral Elegies. 

A regular contributor to Poetry Ireland and Black Bough Poetry poetry prompts. Robin’s debut chapbook, Under A Mind’s Staircase is to be published with Hedgehog Poetry Press in 2021.

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