Friday, 5 March 2021

Two Fantastic Poems by Joe Kidd


Back To The Throne


what key sets free

that which denounces the vision of freedom

what grande illusion, what ideal begets

the power of the law, the chain, the outer limit


here it is, as it tips the scale

tumbling mountains, cracked and quaking

here we stand upon our toes

pirouetting before the king

a laughing mass of glut and glue

no ruling class, no future offers

no jumping rabbit across a meadow

safe aside, regardless of numbers

no splashing liquid upon a wall

could express the dormant power within us

we shall not be held captive

by a demon's lure

within a universe blackened and burned


we shall not give birth

to any wretched outcome

that would hold us in its clenching fist

those days are over

that have bound us with desire

or a promise of redemption

in a cloudy sky


"it's alive," we cry

without fear, without shame

we are the living proof

the wind, the rock, the running water

the children of a loving mother and father

The Subterraneans


fragments of light

on the fragments of gold


fragments of bone

no telling how old


way below the surface

the subterraneans


oh, but this is no way to end


I could tell her age

by the rope around her neck


and the rings on her fingers

had fallen to the floor


she sat there forever

staring at the door


silent and still, waiting for the end


was it 5000 years

in a land beyond time


was it just last night

in a criminal mind


they ran from the water

into the blood


hidden in a corner

a family of love


storms in the desert

anointing the dead

a war unwilling to end

Joe Kidd published his first book of verse titled The Invisible Waterhole on May 31, 2020.  In the 10 months following, his poems have been published in 13 journals and websites, and one poem was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. 

Joe is a multi award winning songwriter including Detroit Songwriter of the Year, Global Folk Song of the Year, Clouzine Magazine Folk Song of the Year, and others.

Joe and his partner Sheila Burke have received certificates from the Michigan Governor's Office and the U.S. House of Representatives for their work to promote Peace, Social Justice, and Cultural Diversity.  They have toured across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe.

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