Thursday 14 March 2024

One Poem by Matthew Davis-Brown


The Nature of Grief


Branches and tendrils took root in my arms,

Vines intermingled with veins,

Verdant shoots grew from my elbows and hands,

Blossoms reached out for the rain.


We thrived together, entwining our lives,

Flourishing, dancing in light.

Reliance and beauty, weaving in sync,

Changed both our natures with time.


Autumn arrived, and wilted the stems,

Brittle and brown in my hands.

Offshoots and seedlings decayed and collapsed,

Flowers could no longer stand.


Green had departed, and left in its wake

Scars crossing over my skin,

I reminisce fondly, wishing the scent

Still somehow lingered within.


The roots that remain may give way to more,

My heart still clutches a leaf.

The nature of growth can be hopeful to all,

So can the nature of grief.




Matthew Davis-Brown is a music instructor in Orange Beach. Alabama. Though he enjoys teaching music, the power of words has always inspired him. He writes short stories and poetry, often searching for a unique perspective or a creative take on a mundane one. When he's tired of being creative, Matthew enjoys rewatching the same four shows, playing with his cats, and drinking too much coffee.


  1. Beautifully broken. Keep writing. Keep sharing.

  2. Love you Matthew. Let the keys help you find peace

  3. I felt this in my soul! Amazing!

  4. So meaningful.

  5. This was beautiful Matthew. You are a talented poet. Please keep writing! Aunt Kelly

  6. The imagery and symbolism are so poignant, beautiful, clear, and powerful. That last line hits! Thank you for sharing and for crafting this poem, Matthew.


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