Sunday 23 July 2023

Five Haiku/Senryu by JL Huffman




endless chant

say my name


fragrant blooms beckon

toxic seedpods betray

the weight of wisteria


summit cloud

hoary shroud of mist

enveloped by grief


fallow fields

a turkey gleans for grain



symbol of hope

moon goddess incarnate

noble rabbit

JL Huffman - The Author, JL Huffman, is a retired Trauma Surgeon/ICU doctor who has published three poetry books - Almanac: The Four Seasons (2020), Family Treasons (2021), and Voyage: Vista and Verse (2022). Her individual poems have appeared in The Pharos, The Asahi Haikuist Network, Haiku Dialogue, Poetry Pea, Cold Moon Journal, The Pan Haiku Review, Haiku in Action, and others. She was a Pushcart Poetry Prize Nominee. She is currently at work on a post-apocalyptic novel. You can follow the Author on her website or on Twitter @JoanHuffmanMD


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