Monday, 24 May 2021

One Poem by Shirali Raina



And when our breath

Is returned

And the embers of death

Dance no more,

We will fall on our knees

And count our losses

Flesh, blood, kith and kin

All that we loved, all we built.

And as it pours down, 

We will hold our arms

In the rain of redemption,

And slowly rise as one.

Our knees will then click

And our eyes will see

The mighty skies above,

Never were ours to keep.


Will we then bow our heads

And know in our hearts

We live on borrowed lands

That only return what we give?

Will we find tomorrow a place

Borne of reconnect

Yellow suns on our face,

And leave the shadows behind?

Shirali Raina, a physician and a clinical research  professional from India, has a keen interest in writing about human and social values. Her stories and contributions  have been published in local and national newspapers and one of her poems on mental health was published in Hektoen International.


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