Saturday 3 April 2021

Two Poems by Randall Rogers


How Much Of History Is True?


Twixt life

and death

birth and evaporation

lies inexplicable glee

and honest hopeless despair;

steady the craft!

too much is just enough

to determine holistically

a bigger picture

of despair


death’s decline

in euphonious cacophony

of euphoric joy

Thy tractor beam

of salvation.



Octopus Beak Butthole


Time starts out slow

ramps up to draw out

or close at a furious

whimpering pace

dragging one and all

along indefinitely (for

the ride).

Its goal is to wear

you out, prop you up

to weave fantasies of

comfort that forestall

a thought of total

destruction and its


So gorge on drugs

while you can.

Randall Rogers is a Midwest writer from Rapid City, South Dakota.  He lives virtually alone with his wife and two armadillo(s).  He likes Patrick Henry and John Locke.  Last published in "Spit".




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