Saturday 3 April 2021

Three Poems by Jyoti Nair


Dandelion Seeds


Youth: rills emanating from cluttered minds. 

Fugues walking in a floundering manner. 

Over mounds of hallucinating mirages. 

Clambering through interred ravines. 

Knotted, bruised and abrased nerve fibres of their thoughts. 


Pupae: awaiting the lucent Ochre ribbons. 

To adorn their suffocated necklines... 

Pupae: fulminating fledglings craving for some raindrops. 

To be sprayed over arid swathes of their parched souls. 

Those pupae: kneading their dreams of wet clay, into cyan savouring skies... 


Last night, Hebe pulled up the ambrosial blinds... 

Of her Coral dappled lashes... 

Her tresses enveloped each youth laments, 

Those streets of mayhems and fists wrung in bedlams... 

Akin to plumy Dandelion seeds sneezed by shivering empyrean arms.



His foamy laughter

A mix of tarmac and ruse

Steel-sculpts her fingers


Don't fret on her quill


Soul-magma fury


Her body refutes

Frigid outpour within walls! 

Blatant bath-blotches

My Will


My will: A pair of irises nudging your palms 

My tears still encircling the horizon, called ‘you’ 

Coy cotton caresses…yet will you find those starched? 

Will you again refrain, your claims of ether and ethereal 

Will I be again, a stranded clairvoyant 

Gasping out my wilted veins into that cloistered chimera 


My will: a tune called melancholy, people will adorn it as filigree 

Around their naked napes and quivering wrists 

Lingering on the last scarlet leaf 

The tale that plunged from Terebinth of Moreh 

A tale that they may never read… 

Albeit, why do I feel, it’s a tale to be inscribed 

On each pounding breath of theirs 

On each knot, that they fasten to wake themselves up 

After surrendering to the straddling seas, heart-caverns left in the lurch

The quintessential transformation evangelist, Jyoti Nair has acquired professional prowess, in the capability development and project management gamut, incessantly catering to rapidly diversifying business needs. She currently spearheads multiple operations for L & D and Quality Assurance, spanning across HR and Recruitment, while being employed at an Indian Multinational Technology Company, acclaimed as global leaders in IT services, Digital and business solutions. She finds the process of writing therapeutic and nurtures the poetry raiment as her second skin. Her works feature in numerous, global poetry anthologies and distinguished poetry journals, has won many laurels for her literary pursuits, however she inherently cherishes her solitary quill and fervently whets her pen in stoic resilience. In her modest opinion, our rusted souls are beckoned, hearts feel more alive, if we engage in some literary tilling, day in and day out. 


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  1. Brilliant Masterpieces by extraordinary writer.


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