Wednesday, 7 April 2021

One Poem by John Patrick Robbins



May your drinks be many and journeys that which legends are written of.

May your friends stand behind you and if facing you.
May you both show not a hint of remorse.

As time will fade as quickly as the setting sun.
May your dreams set sail leading you onward.
Never casting a second glance back at what you have left behind.

Embrace your truth and bury all self doubt.
Never apologize for being yourself.

Toast  the Gods and embrace the inner heathen, instead of hiding as a snake in beliefs of another.

Death finds us all eventually, so go laughing where others beg forgiveness upon their knees.

Odin welcomes all who understand a thirst for all things worth having.

Be true to yourself and understand.

This is just the blink of an eye from one plane of existence to another.

Die in honour and awake as an immortal.

Your cup filled awaits you at the great hall.

John Patrick Robbins is the editor in chief of the Rye Whiskey Review and Black Shamrock Magazine. 

His work has been published here at Lothlorien Poetry Journal as well as Punk Noir Magazine, Medusa's Kitchen,  Piker Press, San Antonio Review,  Red Fez, Fearless Poetry Zine, San Pedro River Review, Sacred Chickens 

He is also the author of The Still Night Sessions from Whiskey City Press. 

His work is always unfiltered. 




  1. Absolutely Brilliant....So Fresh... What We All Need ... Something To Make Your Brain Go...WOW !!


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