Wednesday 14 April 2021

Two Poems by Deepika Singh



She gave birth to man,

And he endorsed her in the flesh emporium.

His greed polluted her.

In the session of the debauchery,

Made to dance like a jaybird.

She is labelled as disrespected thing,

That is shared by the respected.

Even the little girl is also not spared,

Can't utter a word, her tongue is sliced ,

She is no more the object of our ,

So called 'civilized society'

All she wish not to be born as SHE.

These lips that poured love,

These lips they bargained in.

The womb that moulded their bodies,

The body from which they sprouted,

That body they disgraced. 

It is the lust of man,

That is called woman's sin.




I am a small molecule in this society.

Easily slip into words,

And you trap me.

To feed your hunger,

To feed your solitary

Yes I am a big fool,

Walking on the pavement of innocence.

In this unethical jostling crowd,

I have fortified my morality.

I adore honesty.

Huh! Do you really care?

You are wandering for fair skin,

But I relish dark chocolates.

For you pure heart is out of trend,

Ultra modern, tech- savvy is your cup of tea,

I am new blood , rooted to my culture.

Modernization is in my thoughts which echoes in my actions,

Simplicity is my crown,

Which is hardly found.

Deepika Singh from Margherita Assam India, qualification- M.A, B.Ed, teacher by profession. Her writings reflects, her personal observations of day to day life. She believe that right words can change our society. Some of her poems also got featured in Bharata Vision, The Poet Magazine, Web Poesia, Womensweb, Atunis galaxy poetry etc.



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