Monday 5 April 2021

One Poem by Rie Sheridan Rose


I Met a Friendly Halfling

*"A mushroom pie is mighty fine,

and beer can ease your grief

but I could do without them both--

if I have lots of leaf!"

I went riding out one day

and found myself quite muddled...

on where to go, which way to turn...

my mind it was befuddled—

So I sat down on a rock and

Then pulled out my pipe

I filled it with some fine long leaf

Rich, and strong, and ripe.

As I sat there a-smoking,

and feeling rather lost...

blowing lots of smoke rings,

a stranger did accost--

"My friend, you look quite anxious,

allow me hope to share--

there's a tavern not a mile from here,

and I will take you there!"

The fellow was quite short and stout,

His curls a grey-brown mop.

His eyes they were of twinkling blue.

His feet had hair atop!

I asked his name in passing,

it only seemed polite.

He laughed and said, "It's Toby,

C'mon, we're losing light!"

He took me to a lovely spot,

and bellied to the bar

They all seemed to know him here

and treat him like a star.

"Eat and drink, my weary friend,"

my host he did exclaim.

"Order anything you like,

and charge it to my name!"

The night was filled with jest and song

and food and drink galore...

I ate until I filled right up,

and I could drink no more.

My pipe was never let go out,

And my, that leaf was fine!

I never will forget that night

If I live to ninety-nine.

They poured me on my horse at last,

and gave the steed his head.

The next I knew, I was at home

all tucked away in bed.

Did I meet the merry wit

a-rambling on the moor?

Or was it just a fever dream?

I cannot be sure.

The way he came out of the smoke,

It causes me confusion...

I'll never know if he was real,

Or only my delusion...

But Toby was a friend to me,

and I'll raise a flagon high--

and toast his name contentedly

when I eat mushroom pie...

Rie Sheridan Rose multitasks. A lot. Her poetry appears in numerous venues, including  Speculative Poets of Texas, Vol. 1; Texas Poetry Calendar; and Illumen to name a few. She has authored six poetry chapbooks, twelve novels, and lyrics for dozens of songs. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.


Rie Sheridan Rose

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